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My name is David Vito, I created Sports At Home a few years back when it was "David Vito and John Gehrke breaks down all the action!" We started out just with the basic podcast talking sports from East to West and North to South it didn't matter the sport we talked about it on our show. We then evolved into a studio where we really learned a lot not only about each others interest, but we also learned we could have some great debates which if you are fan of the show you know what we are talking about. Sadly, everything comes to an end and that's what happened with David Vito and John Gehrke  as we had a great run as "the best duo in sports talk radio,"came to a close.

I will always thank John for his hard work in helping me build this show and what a ride it was doing this show together for almost two years! If you ever want to hear any of our old podcast together you can click on our podcast tab and enjoy all of our great shows we had which includes interviews with former Utah Blaze Linebacker Mike Lewis and former NFL TE Les Brown for the series HardKnocks with the Miami Dolphins. 

I also have to thank anyone who ever joined the show either in the studio or over the phone those memories I have with anyone who was ever apart of this I will always cherish and hopefully we can get you back on the show again. You know who you are so again thank you for your time and inside to whatever sport or story you brought to the show, we had SO many insiders from MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, PGA and many more! 

Since our last show things have changed here on Sports At Home, myself I have been broadcasting locally here in Salt Lake City, UT. I have wrote for the papers of Salt Lake City as well covering sports from High School to Pros across the valley and it has been a blast, but before I was broadcasting games, writing stories for the papers, doing TV with End of the Bench I always had Sports At Home and it times to revamp it and make it right to everyone who has tuned in to any podcast or story we have wrote about on this website! 

Sports At Home may of "sizzled" out for a moment, but it's time to make a return that it needs! 

Sports At Home has always been something I wanted to make BIG and make it something special not just for me, but for every sports fan who was sick of the same of sports talk each and everyday, it is time to continue making progress and make Sports At Home the next big thing in sports which has ALWAYS been the goal.

The plan is the same which has always has been and that is this is YOUR new home for sports updates and new podcasts will be coming very, very soon! We are in the process of fixing the website to make us standout from the other sports outlets and we are always looking any sports fans to help us build this up.

Make sure you like us on Facebook and Twitter and enjoy the ride of the revamp Sports At Home!

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who has been with me from the start to right now I enjoy every comment, like, listen, tweet and message I have received in the past or have seen/received recently I am very lucky to do what I do in the world of sports and I really enjoy bringing you the latest news and notes from locally to nationally right here on Sports At Home!

David Vito